Targeted Industries

Data and experience drive our targeted industries. We strive to align with the industries that provide the highest approval rate, consistent cash flow, and ongoing need for working capital.

We recognize that business lenders often seek variety in their portfolio to balance risk and ensure steady growth. To cater to this need, we tap into a myriad of industries, connecting you with potential borrowers from diverse sectors.

Our advanced AI algorithms are designed to understand the nuances and demands of each industry. From Distribution to Medical, our system intelligently gauges the tenure, cash flow, and creditworthiness of businesses. This ensures that the leads you receive are not just from a broad spectrum of industries, but are also of the highest quality.

While we receive leads from nearly all industries, below is a list of the industries we target so you can understand the breadth and depth of opportunities waiting for you. Whether it’s a burgeoning restaurant in need of expansion capital or a medical practice looking for equipment financing, we’re here to bridge the gap between you and them.