Lead Categories

Where Martech meets Fintech. Our matching algorithms work to ensure that we match your solutions to the business owners who need them.

Understanding this, our AI-driven lead generation platform delves deep into the needs of businesses across the spectrum, ensuring that we cater to a broad range of financing needs.

Our technology is fine-tuned to recognize and source potential borrowers seeking various forms of financing. From the staple Business Loans to specialized solutions like AR Financing, we ensure you have a steady stream of quality leads aligned with each type of funding. By connecting with businesses in need of your specific financing solutions, we create synergies that drive results for lenders and success for borrowers. 

Discover below the multitude of financing solutions our platform caters to, and know that with each click, there’s a world of businesses waiting to be matched with the right lender.

Commercial Property

Line of Credit

Business Loans

Merchant Cash Advance

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing


Inventory Financing

Equipment Financing

AR Financing

Term Loans