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What is commercial lending?

Commercial lending is the process of offering various loan types to businesses. These loans can fund operations, buy equipment, or support expansion. Unlike personal loans, they are crafted specifically for business applications.

Who is Leads AI?

LeadsAI is a cutting-edge lead generation platform dedicated to connecting lenders with businesses seeking financing. Harnessing artificial intelligence, we precisely match lenders with potential borrowers, factoring in industry, loan type, and business specifics for optimal pairing.

What types of leads does LeadsAI provide?

LeadsAI delivers a diverse range of qualified leads spanning multiple loan categories: Purchase Order Financing, Merchant Cash Advance, Business Credit Lines, Commercial Property Finance, SBA Loans, ERC Loans, Inventory Financing, Equipment Financing, AR Financing, and more. We cater to various industries like distribution, restaurants, hotels, flooring, retail, and medical sectors.

How does LeadsAI’s lead generation process work?

LeadsAI utilizes an AI-enhanced system for robust and efficient lead generation. Businesses fill out our online form, and our platform swiftly matches them with lenders like you. This ensures that by the time you receive the lead, it’s already pre-qualified.

How quickly can a lender expect to connect with a lead after it's generated?

Speed is LeadsAI’s forte. As soon as a potential borrower is identified and vetted by our system, the lead is directed towards matching lenders, ensuring timely and efficient connections.

What if I have more questions or specific lender requirements?

Our dedicated team at LeadsAI is always available to address your queries or assist with unique lender requirements. Additionally, our website offers comprehensive insights into our process, technology, and the benefits of partnering with us.